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The Chuppah is the cornerstone of a Jewish wedding. Keter Torah offers two beautiful settings for this central and joyful ceremony. The building's sanctuary is designed in a way that allows for the removal of the mechitzah, and contains a special mechanism that lowers the bimah beneath the floors, leaving an open path for the wedding procession and an unobstructed view for the guests. Keter Torah also has a patio for bride and grooms who prefer an outdoor wedding. Made of light colored stone, the area evokes feelings of a Jerusalem setting and makes the words of "im eshkachech yerushalem" even more stirring and meaningful.


At the badeken, the chasson lowers the kallah's veil in preparation for the chuppah. For this emotional and spiritual moment, the bride sits on a throne-like chair or elegant bench, surrounded by her female relatives and bridesmaids. Positioned in the atrium, in front of floor to ceiling windows, the platform provides a regal setting for the bride to greet her guests and await the arrival of her groom.


Tables and chairs are arranged in the Beit Midrash for the chosson, his male relatives and friends. There, they sign the tenaim and share divrei torah, eat and sing, and prepare to dance the chosson out of the room and down the hall to meet his kallah. The caterer can prepare a separate menu for the chosson's tisch, which coincides with the smorgasbord.


Situated in the center of the building, beneath arching skylights, the atrium offers the perfect placement for the smorgasbord. The shape of the space beautifully accommodates a center table, as well as a perimeter of tables and stations. Small tables and chairs can be placed to the sides for the guests' convenience.

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