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Parshat Hashavuah with Yael Weil


Parshat Emor (sources)



Parshat Kedoshim (sources)


Parshat Achrei Mot (sources)



Yael Weil's Haggadah Shiur (the Haggadah was used as a source and can be found online here)


Yael Weil's Pre-Pesach Shiur (source sheets)


Parshat Shemini Part 2 (source sheet)



Parshat Shemini Part 1 (source sheet)



Purim part 2






Parshat Pekude (source sheet)



Parshat Vayakhel (source sheet)



Parshat Tezaveh (source sheet)



Parshat Terumah (source sheet)


Parshat Mishpatim (source sheet)



Parshat Yitro with Rabbi Steven Weil



Parshat Bo (source sheet)



Parshat Shemot with Rabbi Steven Weil



Parshat Vayechi (source sheet)



Parshat Vayigash (source sheets)



Parshat Miketz (source sheets)


Vayeshev (source sheets)



Vayishlach (source sheets)



Vayetze (source sheets)



Toldot (source sheets)



Chaye Sarah (source sheets)



Vayera (source sheets)



Lech Lecha (source sheets)



Parshat Noach (source sheets)


Sat, May 28 2022 27 Iyyar 5782