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THE FOUNDATION of Congregation Keter Torah is based on a Chovah Enoshi (personal responsibility) to enrich our individual commitment to Torah as a dynamic force and blueprint for living and a Chovah Tziburi (communal responsibility) to impact upon the spiritual development of the Kehilah and Klal Yisrael.

WE STRIVE to serve Hashem with dignity through a sincere and meaningful Tefilah and by hosting many Torah scholars who can share the depths of their knowledge with the Kehilah and community.

WE HOPE to continue to grow individually and as Kehilah in our collective responsibility to Torah, Kiruv, Chinuch, Chesed, Tzedakah and Ahavas Yisrael. In this way we can serve as role models for our children who will be the leaders of the next generation. If we are successful in developing this type of Kehilah, then we will have fulfilled our mission and our dream.


THE NORTHERN Teaneck Synagogue Association was formed in 1987 and met for the first five years of its life at the Whittier School on West Englewood Avenue. On Jewish holidays when Whittier wasn't available, the congregation met at the homes of various members.

AS THE MEMBERSHIP grew, attendance became too large for comfort in private homes. It was then that the decision was made to erect a temporary home on property the congregation had already purchased.

THE LARGE BUBBLE-LIKE tent which served the synagogue while a permanent home was being constructed, was located on a four-acre site on land adjacent to the Matthew Feldman Nature Preserve, formerly known as the Roemer Woods. As a result of where the synagogue is located - the Roemer Woods on Roemer Avenue - the congregation was also known in town as The Roemer Synagogue.

THE NEW BUILDING, which is now complete, is state-of-the-art in both design and function. It contains enough space for a sanctuary and a social hall and enough parking for all attendees of synagogue functions.

CONGREGATION KETER TORAH looks forward to many years of a rich Jewish life in its home in Teaneck.

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