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Minyanim at Keter Torah

Daily Minyanim (no longer requires registration)
For now, the daily Mincha/Ma'ariv minyan will continue to meet outdoors. On most evenings there will be Heicha Kedusha for Mincha with Ma'ariv beginning immediately after Mincha.
Main Sanctuary: Monday and Thursday at 6:45am; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:55am; Sunday at 8:30am
Patio Tent: Monday-Friday at 7:15am; Sunday at 8:00am
Shields Minyan Group: Monday-Friday at 8:00am; Sunday at 9:30am

Patio Tent: Sunday through Thursday at 4:25pm

If you are already signed up for the weekday minyanim, there is no need to reregister, except for the Sunday morning inside minyan.

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Registration for Shabbat closes on Thursdays at 11:00pm

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