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Pre-Pesach Shiurim

Pesach Express with Rabbi Baum



Haggada Bootcamp with Rabbi Baum



A Holiday about Hallel - Part 1 - with Rabbi Israeli (source sheet)



A Holiday about Hallel - Part 2 - with Rabbi Israeli (source sheet)




Haggadah Part 1 - with Yael Weil



Haggadah Part 2 -  With Yael Weil



Haggadah Hits

Rabbi Wein on "Villifying Jews and an Attempt to Break Our Spirit: 2 Thoughts on Maggid"



Rabbi Israeli



Rabbi Willig on "What do we rally around?"



Rabbi Wein on "The Plague of Hail and Apathy"



Rabbi Israeli


Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784