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Sunday, October 2, Erev Rosh Hashanah
Candle lighting – 6:17pm
Mincha / Dvar Torah by Rabbi Baum on “The Extra Fruit and the Quality of Mitzvot” – 6:20pm
Monday, October 3, Rosh Hashanah
Shacharit – 7:15am (ballroom), 7:45am (Beit Midrash) & 8:00am (Main Sanctuary)
All invited to Tashlich at the Baums, 361 Floral Court, New Milford – 4:45pm
Daf Yomi – 5:20pm
Mincha / Shiur by Rabbi Baum on “Shehecheyanu on Fruits & People” – 6:10pm
Ma’ariv – Approximately 6:50pm
Candle lighting – After 7:15pm
Tuesday, October 4, Rosh Hashanah
Shacharit – 7:15am (ballroom), 7:45am (Beit Midrash) & 8:00am (Main Sanctuary)
Daf Yomi – 5:15pm
Mincha / Shiur by Rabbi Kenneth Brander on “Yom HaKippurim: A Day Hallowed in Fear or Honored in Joy?,” in memory of Jenny Kastner Newman, z”l – 6:05pm
Yom Tov Ends – 7:13pm
Selichot – 9:00pm

Minyan Schedule: Week of October 2, 2016
Selichot & Shacharit  
Sunday Erev Rosh Hashanah

7:45am (selected Selichot with Rabbi Baum)
& 9:00am

Thursday    5:15am, 6:40am & 7:45am
Friday   5:25am, 6:40am & 7:45am



Shacharit only (no Selichot)

Sunday   Erev Rosh Hashanah     9:15am

Wednesday, Tzom Gedaliah

Fast Begins – 5:45am      

Selichot & Shacharit – 5:15am, 6:40am & 7:45am

Mincha – 6:05pm             

Fast Ends – 7:04pm        


Mincha / Ma’ariv                                                                              

Thursday – 6:15pm                                         


Ma’ariv / Selichot

Wednesday and Thursday – 9:00pm

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Additional Notes:

2016-5777 High Holiday Seat Ordering Information
To reserve, email howard@ketertorah.org.

Minyan Schedule: Week of September 25, 2016



6:40am, 8:00am & 9:00am

Selichot & Shacharit

Monday & Thursday

5:25am, 6:55am & 8:00am

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

5:35am, 6:55am & 8:00am


Mincha / Ma’ariv

Sunday - Thursday 


Ma’ariv & Selichot
Sunday - Thursday

Congregation Keter Torah