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Weekday Minyanim for the week of Wednesday, October 23


Wednesday & Friday

6:00am, 7:15am & 8:10am


5:50am, 7:15am & 8:10am






Mincha / Ma’ariv

Wednesday & Thursday – 5:50pm

Additional Notes:

Sunday, October 20, Hoshanah Rabbah

Shacharit – 7:30am, 8:00am & 9:00am

Candle lighting – 5:50pm

Mincha – 5:55pm


Monday, October 21, Shemini Atzeret       Yizkor/Geshem

Shacharit – 7:15am & 9:00am

Minyan led by Rabbi Willig – 9:15am

Post-Hashkama shiur by Rabbi Shulman on

“Is Duress a Valid Defense for Damages Liability? : ”אונס רחמנא פטריה

Youth Groups / Junior Congregation – 9:15am

Teen Minyan – 9:30am

Torah Tots – 10:45am

Daf Yomi with Rabbi Weil – 5:00pm

Mincha – 5:50pm

Shiur by Rabbinic Intern Binyamin Pfeiffer on “Simchat Torah: Celebration of the Past and the Future”

Candle lighting – after 6:49pm

Ma’ariv – approximately 6:50pm

Hakafot – 7:05pm

Hakafot on Monday night will take place in the small ballroom. The first hakafa will be in the Shul. Most of the dancing will occur during the 2nd and 3rd hakafot, and there will be a kumzitz in the Atrium for the 7th hakafa at approximately 8:00pm.

The large ballroom will be available for socializing, and for making kiddush.


Youth/Teen Hakafot and Events


6:10pm – 6:30pm

Dairy dinner for children in nursery through fourth grade

Back youth rooms

Approximately 6:10pm

Parent & child/youth hakafot for children in nursery, pre-K and kindergarten

Back left youth rooms

Approximately 6:10pm

Youth hakafot for children in first through fourth grade, with a story by Rabbi Baum

Small ballroom

Approximately 6:50pm

Junior Congregation/Teen Minyan Ma’ariv & hakafot (Will join the shul for the 3rd hakafa)

Beit Midrash


7:40pm – 8:00pm

Junior Congregation ice cream party

Back right youth room


  Tuesday, October 22, Simchat Torah

Shacharit – 7:15am & 8:15am

Women’s shiur by Debby Putterman on "A Very Good Night's Sleep,” following the first Torah reading

Kol Hanearim – approximately 10:35am

Daf Yomi with Rabbi Weil – 4:55pm

Mincha – 5:45pm

Shiur by Rabbi Shulman on “A Day of Transition and Reflection:

Hoshanah Rabbah as the Key to Understanding the Simcha of Sukkot”

Yom Tov Ends – 6:47pm

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Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Class

If your daughter will be turning 12 between September 2019 and August 2020, and you are interested in taking this year’s Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Class with Debbie Baum, pleaseclick here.  

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