Congregation Keter Torah

600 Roemer Ave

Teaneck, NJ 07666

(201) 907 - 0180

Nursery, Pre K & Kindergarten
Our Nursery & Pre-K group is structured to include free play, interactive davening with our new youth Siddur, snack, story time and group games. Our Kindergarten group is designed to enhance the knowledge and middot learned in both school and home. This group has a more advanced davening with our new interactive youth Siddur and introduces simple Parsha and Yom Tov themes.

First - Fourth Grade
Our 1st & 2nd Grade program includes an introduction to the siddurim the children will be receiving during the school year, teaching of Shabbat davening with a strong emphasis on Parsha and Yom Tovim. Children and the leaders will participate in active game playing, some classic and some original.
Our 3rd & 4th Grade program includes a more advanced davening with a focus on learning new tefilot every month as well as active participation on Torah, Parsha topics and active games. 

Keter Torah Youth Department

Our Shul is fortunate to have an outstanding youth program in place for our children. On behalf of the Shul, I would like to thank Marc Kaye, who stepped down this year, for his unbelievable devotion and leadership in expanding and improving our youth department. Thank you to Dassi Silverman for her efforts in the Jr Congregation the past two years.  I would also like to thank Robin Siegel, Batya Paul, Sarah Feit, Carmi Abramowitz, Zeeva Sklar, Jennie Mohl and Elie Kinches for continuing to serve as our youth committee. 
We look forward to working with Rabbi Baum, the Shul Board, ATARA, Rivki, Yocheved and her team and would like to hear from you the parents on your input and suggestions for our youth program.  We all share the same commitment for our children and strive for excellence in programming for our youth.