Congregation Keter Torah

600 Roemer Ave

Teaneck, NJ 07666

(201) 907 - 0180

Shabbat Schedule


5:19pm - Candle Lighting

5:25pm - Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat


7:15am & 9:00am - Shacharit

We are excited to welcome Sivan Rahav-Meir, popular media personality and lecturer, as our guest this Shabbat in conjunction with our GET OUT AND VOTE campaign in the World Zionist Congress elections. Ms. Rahav-Meir will speak after the 7:15am Hashkama Minyan and after the 9:00am Main Sanctuary Minyan on, "My Personal Story as a Religious Journalist in Israel."

8:30am - Parsha Shiur

Rabbi Baum on Midrash with contemporary applications

Post-Hashkama Shiur

Rabbi Israeli on "Do Doctors Have Permission to Heal?"

9:15am - Shacharit

Minyan led by Rabbi Willig

9:15am - Youth Groups/ Teen Minyan/Junior Congregation

9:25am - Latest Shma

10:45am - Torah Tots

Following the 9:00am minyan - "Get-to-know-you" kiddush for the kindergarten group and their families in the large ballroom

4:10pm - Salsa Shiur

At the Slaten residence, 700 Cottage Place, Teaneck

4:20pm - Daf Yomi

4:20pm - Al haTorah

Keter Torah Al haTorah Chavurah, studying Sefer Bereshit

5:10pm - Mincha/Seuda

Rabbi David Israel, Executive Vice President of RZA-Mizrachi, and Chana Shields will speak on the upcoming World Zionist Congress elections

6:20pm - Shabbat ends



Mazal Tov

  • To Devorah & Hagai Rosilio on the birth of a son. Mazal Tov to grandparents Iraci Franca and Gladys & Rene Rosilio.
  • To Tzippy & Daniel Dearson on the bat mitzvah of their daughter, Sara. Mazal Tov to grandparents Caryn & Larry Weiss and Paulette & Avraham Wise.
  • To Barbara & Joseph Rotenberg on the birth of a grandson, to parents Daniella & Scott Wittenberg.
  • To Jeanie & Aaron Rothstein on the birth of a granddaughter, to parents Saritte & Shlomo Rothstein.
  • To Leah & Efraim Zoldan on the birth of a grandson, to parents Elana & Yaakov Zoldan.
  • To the Goldsmith, Nabatkhorian and Jewell families on the Shabbat Chatan and Sheva Brachot for Alyssa & Nathan.


  • Following the 9:00am Main Sanctuary Minyan in honor of Sivan Rahav-Meir.


Kindergarten Group Kiddush Sponsored by

  • Devorah & Joshua Chaitovsky in honor of the group leaders
  • Dani and Carrie Eckstein in honor of all the wonderful group leaders and the entire incredible Keter Torah youth department
  • Elisheva & Jeff Fuchs in honor of our children and the group leaders
  • Charlie and the Gross family in honor of the wonderful group leaders
  • Talia & Adam Hoenig in honor of Livi and her group leaders   
  • Chani & Daniel Kohn in honor of Ethan's group leaders and the entire Keter Torah youth department
  • Aviva & Phil Reich In honor of Rivki and all the amazing group leaders
  • Jamie & Marc Srolovits in honor of Jonah and his group leaders 

Teen Minyan Kiddush Sponsored by

  • The Kirsch family in honor of Rami laining his bar mitzvah parsha.


Welcome New Members

  • Susie & Abbe Carni


Nichum Aveilim

  • To Mark Horowitz on the passing of his beloved mother, Inge Horowitz, z"l.


Thank You

  • To Rachel & Daniel Fischer for hosting the shiur by Rabbi Israeli last Wednesday night.
  • To Devorah & Josh Chaitovsky for donating snacks to the youth department.
  • To the youth leaders who spent hours sanitizing toys this past week.
  • To all CSS members who are volunteering their time to protect our Shul this Shabbat.

Mishloach Manot to Your Children in Israel


*  Together with Rabbi Avi Berman of the OU & Yachad, Rabbi Baum has arranged to send Mishloach Manot from Keter Torah to your post-high school children, who are attending yeshiva or seminary in Israel. To have Mishloach Manot sent to your children, email your child's name, phone number, school name & address to by March 1.

ATARA News    Presidium: Yael Rudolph ( & Ricki Scharf (

  • To register for the ATARA floral design workshop on Wednesday, February 26, at 8:30pm at Keter Torah, visit
  • Orders for Purim cards and for Mishloach Manot being sent to individual members should be submitted to the Shul by Monday, March 2; orders being sent to all Shul members are due Thursday, March 5. To participate, visit


Youth News                         Youth Director: Rivki Rosenthal (

  • There will be "Get-to-know-you" kiddushim, following the 9:00am minyan, for the following groups and their families:First & second grade girls - Shabbat, February 29 First & second grade boys - Shabbat, March 14                    To sponsor, e-mail
  • The Keter Torah Youth Department is looking for sponsors for their annual leader thank you dinner and gift. To co-sponsor, e-mail


Coming Soon 


Friday Night Oneg led by Rabbi Simcha Willig - March 6 at the Goldstein Residence

  • Please join us on March 6 at 8:15pm for a Friday night Oneg at the home of Jenna & Sam Goldstein, 1585 Jefferson Street, Teaneck. For more information, contact Shua Joseph at or Joseph Westreich at


Keter Torah News

  • Keter Torah is hosting an event this Sunday. Parking spaces will be available for Mincha/Ma'ariv, but, if possible, please walk to Shul.
  • The Chevra Kadisha Zayin Adar observance will take place on Tuesday, March 3, at Bnai Yeshurun. For information and reservations, contact Warren Levie at 201-923-1430 or
  • Elissa & Michael Katz will be honored at the Etzion Foundation Dinner on Sunday, March 22. For information, visit


Please Join Our Ongoing Shiurim

  • Motzei Shabbat at 8:00pm - Rabbi Reisman's Navi Shiur
  • Daf Yomi - Sunday at 7:15am; Monday through Friday at 6:30am
  • Tuesday & Thursday Torah in the AM

        9:05am - Chavura studying Sefer Devarim          

        9:45am - Masechet Rosh Hashanah, perek rishon, with Rabbi Menahem Meier

  • No Wednesday tefilla shiur this week.
  • Wednesday at 10:30am - Yael Weil's Parshat Hashavua shiur
  • Wednesday - Studying the Siddur: A ten-minute audio class with Rabbi Willig. To sign up, e-mail
  • Thursday at 9:00pm - Mishmar
    • Chabura with Rabbinic Intern Binyamin Pfeiffer
    • Parsha shiur and schmooze with Rabbi Michael Hoenig
  • Friday following the 7:15am minyan - Shabbat Table Bootcamp with Rabbi Baum. Audio of the shiur will be sent to subscribers via email or WhatsApp. To sign up, e-mail
  • Daf a Week Project with Rabbi Baum - Learning begins on Sunday, with the shiur shared on Thursday, this week studying Masechet Chagigah Daf 15; to sign up, e-mail



Vote for the Orthodox Israeli Coalition, including Rabbi Baum, in the World Zionist Election

Your vote directly influences how billions of dollars in funding will be allocated over the next 5 years.


Mommy & Me

  • Babies and toddlers up to nursery school age, along with their parents or caregivers, are invited to a music class with Morah Kelli on Friday mornings from 9:15-10:00am. For cost and other information, call/text Amanda Hoffman at (561)702-1477.

Social Media Initiative



  • Join our new WhatsApp group, @KeterTorah, and be the first to know about new and exciting upcoming events at Keter Torah. To join the group, click here or email to get the link.
  • Keter Torah is now on Instagram; follow us by scanning our nametag, or find us @ketertorah
  • Follow us on Facebook, @CongregationKeterTorah


Weekday Minyanim



6:40am, 8:00am & 9:00am

Monday & Thursday

5:50am, 7:15am & 8:10am

Tuesday & Wednesday

Rosh Chodesh Adar

5:40am, 7:00am & 8:10am


6:00am, 7:15am & 8:10am








Mincha / Ma'ariv

Sunday through Thursday - 5:25pm


Thank You to Our Learning and Shiur Sponsors

Day of Learning

In memory of

Ann & Charles Bartel

Charles's aunt, Esther Mushka bat Chaim Hirsh, Esther Kane, z"l

Terry & Dennis Eisenberg

Terry's father, Ephraim Tzvi ben Yeshayahu Aharon, HaLevi, 

Frank Leiderman, z"l

Laurie & Gary Hershenov

Shaul Yaakov ben Tzvi Meir, Shelly Schechter, z"l

Etti & Chaim Schaap

Chaim's brother, Menachem Meier ben HeChaver Mordechai v'Rivka, Menachem Schaap, z"l

Day of Learning

In honor of

Esther & Warren Levie

The birth of their grandson

Daf Yomi

In honor of

Coffee & pastries sponsored anonymously

The Daf Yomi Chaburah and the Keter Torah Chesed Committee

Keter Torah Al haTorah Chavurah

In memory of

Rabbi Meier Brueckheimer and family

Helen Brueckheimer, z"l

Rabbi Baum's Tefilla Shiur


Shiur, coffee and pastries by

Lazy Bean Café

Yael Weil's Parshat Hashavua Shiur

In memory of

Shiur by Gail & Binyamin Rieder

Alisa Flatow, z"l, HY"D

Coffee by Susan & Daniel Turk

Susan's mother, Pesya bat Chaim Yehuda, Pearl Berger Melnick, z"l



Anonymous Sponsor

Shabbat Table Bootcamp with

Rabbi Baum

In memory of

Elana & Marc Rothenberg and

Rachel Feiner

Elana and Rachel's father, Azriel ben Yaacov Feiner, z"l


"Anti-Semitism in America - What's Next?"

A Conversation with Abe Foxman & Rabbi Shalom Baum

Sunday, February 23, from 9:00-10:00am at Keter Torah


With anti-Semitism on the rise and incidents of hate and bias increasing in America, the question on everyone's mind is: What's Next?  Congregation Keter Torah and the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey are proud to offer this free event to the community, featuring a conversation between Abe Foxman and Rabbi Shalom Baum.

Abraham H. Foxman is world-renowned as a leader in the fight against anti-Semitism, bigotry and discrimination. Mr. Foxman is National Director Emeritus of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). He is currently Director and Chairman of the Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, Visiting Lecturer at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Affairs, and Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv. Born in Poland in 1940, Mr. Foxman was saved from the Holocaust by his Polish Catholic nursemaid, who baptized and raised him as a Catholic during the war years.

The conversation between Mr. Foxman and Rabbi Baum is an important event for our community. As anti-Semitism rises, we need to think about the future.

This event is open to the entire community. For questions, please call 201-907-0180.



Community News

  • On Mondays & Wednesdays, the Beit Midrash of Teaneck is sponsoring classes for men at Heichal HaTorah:

9:15am - Chavrua learning           10:00am - Shiurim by Rabbi Ronen Dvash and Rabbi Moshe Genack         

11:00am - Shiur by Mrs. Leah Silver         12:00pm - Shiur by Rabbi Hayyim Angel

  • Rabbi Dr. Alex Mondrow's workshop on "Practical Parenting: Foundations and Applications" continues on Monday, February 24, at 9:00pm at Ohr HaTorah. For price information, e-mail
  • The Sinai Schools Dinner will take place on Sunday, February 23. For information, visit
  • For reduced rates, register now at net for the annual NORPAC Israel Advocacy Mission to Washington, DC, on Tuesday, May 19.

Please include in your tefilot IDF soldiers and KT members serving in the IDF:
Chana Cohen, Arianna Kaye, Eli Putterman, Simmi Sausen and Tzvi Silver.

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