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Please see the Shabbat packet that we have been e-mailing separately every Friday, which includes additional information, Divrei Torah, and adult and youth activities for Shabbat & Pesach.



Shabbat Schedule for Home



7:05pm - Candle Lighting

7:10pm - Mincha / Kabbalat Shabbat

  • The "Bracha me'ein sheva" (including Magen Avot) is omitted when not davening in a Shul; Vayichulu is said, followed by Aleinu



Shacharit - You may want to daven Shacharit at the same time that you typically do on Shabbat, or say the Amida of Shacharit at Netz, which is 6:34am

Torah Reading & Haftorah available for download here.

9:46am - Latest Shma

  • Brich Shmei is not recited when davening alone.
  • Only the first paragraph of Yikum Purkan is recited when davening alone
  • Av Harachamim is not recited during the month of Nisan

1:32pm - Earliest Mincha

7:25pm - Sunset (Finish Mincha before sunset at 7:25pm)

8:01pm - Ma'ariv

8:07pm - Shabbat ends



Tuesday, April 7

Search for chametz after 8:10pm

Wednesday, April 8 - Erev Pesach

Siyumim for bechorim - 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:00am & 9:30am via zoom and call in, +1 646 558 8656 Meeting ID: 665 919 558

No eating chametz - after 10:47am

Biur chametz - before 11:51am

Mincha - Any time after 1:30pm and until 7:20pm


Yom Tov & First Seder Night

Candle Lighting - 7:10pm

Hallel is not said at home after Ma'ariv but is said at the seder and at Pesach Shacharit

Kiddush at the Seder - after 8:11pm

Afikomen eaten before Chatzot - 12:58am


Thursday, April 9 - Second Seder

No preparations can be made until after candle lighting, which is at 8:12pm.

Afikomen eaten before Chatzot - 12:58am


Please note the following guidelines for Mincha/Ma'ariv, Sunday through Tuesday, April 5-7

Mincha: Earliest time to daven Mincha - 1:32pm

Sunset: Finish davening Mincha before sunset

Sunday - 7:26pm       Monday - 7:27pm       Tuesday - 7:28pm       

Ma'ariv: Daven Ma'ariv after sunset

Nichum Aveilim

  • To Nachum Barishansky on the passing of his beloved father, Leonard Barishansky, z"l.
  • To Joey Bodner on the passing of his beloved mother, Edith Bodner, z"l.
  • To Elaine Samson on the passing of her beloved mother, Cecelia Gruenspecht, z"l.


Seder Snippets

Prepare for Pesach with a daily 5 minute Seder Snippet. Each day Rabbi Israeli or Rabbi Willig will send out an idea about a section of the seder. You can receive the daily message via WhatsApp or email. To sign up, email or click here.



Please Join Our Ongoing Shiurim


Motzei Shabbat at 8:30pm with Rabbi Weil

Daf Yomi


Sunday at 7:15am

Monday - Wednesday at 7:00am


Daf Yomi via Zoom Dial in: +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 705 814 0240


Motzei Shabbat

April 4

Navi Shiur with Rabbi Reismam - click here for the shiur: R' Reisman, for Motzei Shabbos Tzav, Audio only


Motzei Shabbat at 8:50pm

April 4

Salsa Shiur via Zoom


Motzei Shabbat at 9:00pm

April 4

Al haTorah via Zoom, click here for source sheets


Tuesday via WhatsApp & Email

April 7

Daf a Week Project with Rabbinic Intern Binyamin Pfeiffer - This week studying Masechet Chagigah Daf 21; to sign up, e-mail






Common Pesach Questions


Siyumim for Bechorim

When there is a pressing need, as there is this year, one can listen to a siyum on the phone or via a live Zoom. Kaddish is not said following the siyum. Everyone who participates should eat something following the siyum.

Bedikat Chametz / Biur Chametz Guidelines 

On Tuesday night, April 7, as soon as possible after nightfall (8:10pm), we search for the chametz by the light of a candle. You should put out ten pieces of bread and search for chametz throughout the house. I again encourage you to sell all of your chametz, except for the ten pieces of bread. The ten pieces can either be flushed down the toilet or burned in a chametz barbeque before 11:51am on Wednesday, April 8. Any remaining chametz that is in your garbage can be put out in your trash bins and brought to the street. After doing all of the above, recite the Kol Chamira, the statement nullifying ownership of any chametz, which can be found in a siddur, as part of bitul chametz. DO NOT BURN ANY CHAMETZ OUTSIDE YOUR HOME, UNLESS IN A BARBEQUE. 

Chametz in Shul

The Shul is including all the chametz that you may have left in your talit bags or in other locations in our sale of chametz. Please let us know if you do not want us to do this for you, and you can then include it in your sale.


Connecting with Relatives

Rabbi Baum suggests using the time before candle lighting to have a "Model Seder" with relatives via Zoom. Your favorite parts of the seder can be said and a light snack can be eaten, without washing or eating any of the ritual items of the seder. Mah Nishtana and any other parts could be said and sung. You will be behaving like the Jews at the time of the Mikdash, who gathered in the afternoon to sing songs surrounding the eating of the Korban Pesach. The Zoom session must end before candle lighting.

Letter to Family for Seder Use

  • Ask your relatives for a Dvar Torah or story that you will share at your seder. Read it as part of the Magid section. Ideally one for each night.
  • Arrange for afikomen presents to be delivered on Chol Hamoed. 





Keter Torah Kol Yisroel Chaverim Initiative

  • Tech help - Anyone needing help with any virtual technology can contact Erik Schetina at



FOOD APP - Developed by Dovid & Esti Baum as a community service, not a business:

  • Find out which local restaurants are open and whether they are providing delivery/pick-up service. This information will be updated constantly. For any questions, please contact





Thank You to Our Learning and Shiur Sponsors

Daf Yomi

In honor of

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The Daf Yomi Chaburah and the Keter Torah Chesed Committee

Keter Torah Al haTorah Chavurah

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Rabbi Meier Brueckheimer and family

Helen Brueckheimer, z"l


Community News

  • Tomchei Shabbos is having a virtual matzah collection this year. When you receive your free matzah coupon at ShopRite in Paramus, simply write "Tomchei Shabbos" on it and submit it at the courtesy desk, along with your receipt, as proof of eligibility. Please note, purchase requirements must still be met. ShopRite will deliver the matzah directly to Tomchei, free of charge. E-mail questions to Please do not drop off matzah at the usual location.
  • To contribute to the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corp Covid-19 appeal, visit
  • During these difficult times, the Judaica House of Teaneck is offering the members of Bergen County community synagogues the opportunity to shop online for Pesach needs. For information, visit or e-mail
  • Holy Name Health and Hackensack Meridian Health are in need of snacks for their staff, who are working around the clock, heroically and selflessly, and do not have time for breaks to buy snacks or drinks. Please consider donating your non-expired, individually- wrapped snacks and drinks in the bins on the curb by the Altmans' house, 727 Dearborn Street, Teaneck. The students of Ma'ayanot will deliver them to the hospital staff as soon as possible. 

Please include in your tefilot IDF soldiers and KT members serving in the IDF:
Chana Cohen, Arianna Kaye, Eli Putterman, Simmi Sausen, Tzvi Silver, and Andrew Wolf.

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