Congregation Keter Torah

600 Roemer Ave

Teaneck, NJ 07666

(201) 907 - 0180

Shabbat Schedule









6:52pm - Candle lighting

6:55pm - Mincha / Kabbalat Shabbat


7:15am & 9:00am - Shacharit

8:30am - Shiur

Shiur by Rabbi Baum on Megillat Esther

Post-Hashkama Shiur

Rabbi Weiss on "Leftover Ideas from Purim"

9:15am - Shacharit

Led by Rabbi Willig

9:15am - Youth Groups / Junior Congregation / Teen Minyan

9:58am - Latest Shma

10:45am - Torah Tots

5:40pm - Salsa Shiur

At the Sohn residence, 752 Cottage Place, Teaneck

5:50pm - Daf Yomi

5:50pm - Al haTorah

Keter Torah Al haTorah Chavurah, studying Sefer Bereshit

6:40pm - Mincha / Seuda

This week, featuring chulent, kugel, inspirational singing, and a Dvar Torah by Rabbi Willig, sponsored by Susan & Daniel Goldberg, to commemorate the yartzeit of Daniel's father, Mordechai ben Michael, Dr. Max Goldberg, z"l

7:52pm - Shabbat ends


Mazal Tov

  • To Rebecca & Joseph Westreich on the birth of a son. Mazal Tov to grandparents Esther & Baruch Weinstein and Henshi Gorodetsky, and to great-grandparents Bernice Weiss, Mordy Weinstein and Leah & Rabbi Shalom Gorodetsky.
  • To Erica & Jerry Silverman on the engagement of their son, Mitchell, to Emily Katz, daughter of Susan & Dr. Michael Katz of Westchester, NY.
  • To Ronda & Mel Weinberg on the bat mitzvah of their granddaughter, Kira Heumann. Mazal Tov to parents Simona & Steven Heumann.
  • To Teddy & Joel Abramowitz on the birth of a granddaughter, Gabrielle Gal, to parents Sophia & Zachary Abramowitz.


Welcome New Members

  • Lonnie & Alon Friedman and their son, Kyle.


Kiddush at Minyan Led by Rabbi Willig Sponsored by

  • Esther & Yehuda Bareli in honor and appreciation of the minyan led by Rabbi Willig.

Thank You

  • To the Keter Torah community for contributing so generously to Matanot L'evyonim on Purim.
  • To the Gabbaim, Baalei Kriah of Megillat Esther and the Torah, and the entire tzibbur for a meaningful and fun Purim.
  • To ATARA for sponsoring the Purim carnival.
  • To the many families who sponsored the Purim breakfast for the minyan led by Rabbi Willig.
  • To Orly & Amir Bednarsh for their donation to the Birthday Maaser program in honor of Arielle's birthday.
  • To Becky & Avi Katz for their donation to the Birthday Maaser program in honor of Judah Meir's birthday.
  • To Yael & Zack Stone for their donation to the Birthday Maaser program in honor of Isaac's birthday.
  • To all CSS members who are volunteering their time to protect our Shul this Shabbat, and to those who helped on Purim.


ATARA News   

Presidium: Yael Rudolph ( & Ricki Scharf (

  • Thank you to all who came to our annual ATARA carnival Wednesday night! Thank you to our committee, Dassa Novoseller, Keren Nussbaum, Yael Rudolph and Ricki Scharf, and to all our volunteers: Gabriella Brandsdorfer, Jonathan Brandsdorfer, Jordana Brandsdorfer, Alexa Bromberg, Eliana Fisher, Efrat Friedman, Samantha Gorin, Devorah Kuperman, Adelle Novoseller, Kayla Nussbaum, Howie Rudolph, Jordana Rudolph, Hanna Scharf, Julie Shiner and Jayden Schwartz.
  • Thank you to the volunteers who helped distribute the Mishloach Manot bags: Alexa Bromberg, Yaffa Bromberg, Gila Elbaum, Esti Kaminetzky, Rachel Kaminetzky, Heidi Kuperman, Ezra Ness, Judith Ness, Debby Putterman, Ella Scharf, Hanna Scharf, Ricki Scharf, Arlene Shiner, Julie Shiner, Benjamin Wolf, David Wolf and Zachary Winslow.
  • Thank you to the Mishloach Manot co-chairs Yaffa Bromberg and Heidi Kuperman and committee members Gila Elbaum, Ann Holler, Debby Putterman, Dassi Silverman and Arlene Shiner.

  • Sunday, March 31 - Friends of Lubavitch of Bergen County Dinner honoring Adina & Michael Abrahams,
  • Wednesday, April 3 - Rosh Chodesh Chizuk for women by Nancy Siegel on "Calm is Your Superpower: Using Mindfulness to Enter Pesach as Stress-Free as Possible"
  • Shabbat, April 6 - Minyan led by Rabbi Willig
  • Sunday, April 7 - Project S.A.R.A.H. Breakfast honoring Chava & Ephraim Casper,


Youth News               Youth Director: Rivki Rosenthal (

  • The Keter Torah youth department invites all children in kindergarten through 6th grade to a pre-Pesach youth program and pizza lunch at Urban Air in South Hackensack, on Sunday, April 14, from 9:00am-12:00pm. Reservations are required and space is limited; for cost information and reservations, visit


Please Join This Week's Shiurim

  • Motzei Shabbat at 9:30pm - Rabbi Reisman's Navi shiur
  • Daf Yomi - Sunday at 7:15am; Monday through Friday at 6:30am
  • Sunday following the 8:00am minyan - Breakfast & Learn with Rabbinic Intern Akiva Rosenzveig
  • Sunday following the 8:00am minyan - Rabbi Weiss's Contemporary Halacha Series. This week's topic: "Melechet Bishul - Hatmana"
  • Tuesday & Thursday Torah in the AM 

         9:05am - Chavura studying Sefer Devarim

         9:45am - Studying Masechet Shabbat, Chapter 7, with Avi Katz

  • Wednesday following the 7:15am minyan - Tefilla shiur with Rabbi Baum; cake and coffee will be served
  • Wednesday at 10:15am - Yael Weil's Parshat Hashavua shiur
  • Wednesday - Studying the Siddur: what we say and why we say it, a ten-minute audio class with Rabbi Simcha Willig. To sign up, e-mail
  • Thursday at 9:00pm - Mishmar led by Rabbinic Intern Akiva Rosenzveig and shiur by Rabbi Weiss
  • Friday following the 7:15am minyan - Shabbat Table Boot Camp with Rabbi Baum. Audio of the shiur will be sent to subscribers via email or WhatsApp. To sign up, e-mail
  • Daf a Week Project with Rabbi Baum - This week studying Masechet Megillah Daf 26; to sign up, e-mail

Weekday Minyanim



6:40am, 8:00am & 9:00am

Monday & Thursday

5:50am, 7:15am & 8:10am

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

6:00am, 7:15am & 8:10am


Mincha / Ma'ariv

Sunday through Thursday - 7:00pm



Thank You to Our Learning and Shiur Sponsors


Day of Learning

In memory of

Sarah & Yitzchaki Feit

Yitzchaki's father, Akiva ben Yaakov Yitzchak, Akiva Feit, z"l

Rochelle & Howard Gans

Howard's father, Yakov Yitzchak ben Menachem Mendel, James Gans, z"l

Susan & Daniel Goldberg

Daniel's father, Mordechai ben Michael, Dr. Max Goldberg, z"l

Fayge & Michael Novogroder

Michael's mother, Faygle bat Yaakov, Frances Novogroder, z"l

Judith & Seth Ness

Judith's father, Mordechai ben Michael, Dr. Max Goldberg, z"l

Nancy & David Siegel

David's mother, Perel bat Shlomo HaKohen, Patricia Siegel, z"l

Leah & Israel Wallach

Leah's father, Shmuel Yechiel ben Yaakov Natan, Ted Markovits, z"l

Daf Yomi

In honor of

Coffee & pastries sponsored anonymously

The Daf Yomi Chaburah and the Keter Torah Chesed Committee

Keter Torah Al haTorah Chavurah

In memory of

Rabbi Meier Brueckheimer and family

Helen Brueckheimer, z"l

Rabbi Weiss's Halacha Series

In honor of

Terry & Dennis Eisenberg

Terry & Dennis's children and grandchildren

Rabbi Baum's Tefilla Shiur

Shiur, coffee and pastries by 

Lazy Bean Café

Yael Weil's Parshat Hashavua Shiur

In memory of

Shiur by Gail & Binyamin Rieder

Alisa Flatow, z"l, HY"D

Coffee by Susan & Daniel Turk

Susan's mother, Pesya bat Chaim Yehuda, Pearl Berger Melnick, z"l

Shabbat Table Boot Camp with

Rabbi Baum

In memory of

Elana & Marc Rothenberg and

Rachel Feiner

Elana and Rachel's father, Azriel ben Yaacov Feiner, z"l




Community News

  • On Mondays & Wednesdays, the Beit Midrash of Teaneck is sponsoring classes for men at Heichal HaTorah:

9:15am - Seder                                                           10:00am - Rabbi Ronen Dvash on Gemara Brachot

11:00am - Shiur by Rabbi Dr. Michael Shmidman          12:00pm - Shiur by Rabbi Hayyim Angel

  • Rabbi Sason Gabay will speak at Beth Aaron on Sunday, March 24, at 8:45am.
  • A skate-a-thon to benefit Sharsheret will take place on Sunday, March 24, at 6:30pm. For information, e-mail
  • Yeshivat He'Atid will screen the documentary, "Angst," on the topic of childhood anxiety, on Sunday, March 24, at 7:45pm.
  • Rabbi Asher Weiss will speak at Beth Abraham on Sunday, March 24, following the 7:45pm minyan.
  • "Hidden In Plain Sight: Keeping Our Children Safe," a community-wide substance abuse program, will take place on Thursday, April 4, at 8:00pm at Ben Porat Yosef. For questions, e-mail

Please include in your tefilot for refuah shlema: Aharon Meir ben Yael Miriam.

Please include in your tefilot IDF soldiers and KT members serving in the IDF:
Keren Agus, Akiva Gold, Arianna Kaye, Naftali Lieber, 
Eli Putterman, Simmi Sausen and Tzvi Silver.

Shabbat Notes      -      Parshat Tzav      -      March 22 - 23, 2019 / 16 Adar II

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