Congregation Keter Torah

600 Roemer Ave

Teaneck, NJ 07666

(201) 907 - 0180

Shabbat Schedule


7:23pm - Candle Lighting

7:00pm - Mincha / Kabbalat Shabbat - Main Sanctuary

(Families who daven at the 7:00pm Mincha should light candles by 7:15pm)

7:25pm - Mincha / Kabbalat Shabbat - Beit Midrash


7:15am & 9:00am - Shacharit

8:30am - Parsha Shiur

Rabbi Baum on Midrash with contemporary applications

9:15am - Youth Groups / Junior Congregation

9:15am - Teen Minyan

Bar Mitzvah of Zev Winslow    

Post-Hashkama Shiur

Rabbi Danzger on "Leprosy and the Torah's Concern for our Bank Accounts"

9:31am - Latest Shma

10:45am - Torah Tots

Parsha Thoughts

Mark Levie - 10 minutes after the 9:00am minyan

4:45pm - Parent / Grandparent & Child Learning Shabbat Edition
Parent / Grandparent & Child learning with Rabbi Baum - Bring your children for an hour of learning what you choose, along with Divrei Torah. Prizes, including sefarim and sports jerseys, will be awarded; snacks will be served. Thank you to Erika & Shneur Gershuni for sponsoring the learning this season in honor of Debbie & Rabbi Baum.

5:10pm - Salsa Shiur

At the Siegel residence, 648 Winthrop Road, Teaneck

5:10pm - Daf Yomi

Rabbi Weil

5:20pm - Al haPerek

Matan Keter Torah Al haPerek Chavurah, studying Sefer Tehillim

6:10pm - Lecture

Rabbi Steven Weil on "The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann, its Drastic Ramifications and Impact on Israeli Society and the Future of the Jewish State"

7:10pm - Mincha / Seuda

Rabbi Weil will continue his pre-Mincha talk on "The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichman, its Drastic Ramifications and its Impact on Israeli Society and the Future of the Jewish State"

8:26pm - Shabbat ends

10:15pm - Rabbi Reisman's Navi shiur


Keter Torah Annual Dinner

  • Congregation Keter Torah's Eighteenth Annual Dinner, saluting Guests of Honor Barbara & Joseph Rotenberg and the Esther & William B. Manischewitz Community Service Award Honorees Jennie & Reuven Mohl, will be held on Monday, June 11, at 6:30pm. Please join us! To register, visit


Mazal Tov

  • To Bassie & Adam Lewis on the birth of a daughter, Sara Rina. Mazal Tov to grandparents Leonie & Howard Lewis, Annette & Uri Kalfa and Sandy & Steve Cohen and to great grandfather Len Lewis.
  • To Jamie & Marc Srolovits on the birth of a daughter, Ariana Micol. Mazal Tov to grandparents Elaine & Leslie Srolovits and Alice & Harold Miller and to great grandparents Celia & Julius Cohn and Ilona Srolovits.
  • To Ahuva & Lance Winslow on the bar mitzvah of their son, Zev, son of Aleza, z"l, who we remember fondly. Mazal Tov to grandparents Reba & Kivi Wulkan, Gerri & Greg Winslow and Rochelle & Marshall Baltuch.
  • To Aviva & Paul Rolnick on the engagement of their daughter, Rachel, to Eitan Zecher, son of Marcy & Scott Zecher.


Teen Minyan Kidush Sponsored by

  • Ahuva & Lance Winslow in honor of Zev's bar mitzvah.


Welcome New Members

  • Rochelle & Howard Gans.


Thank You

  • To Michal Cohen for her efforts with this year's community-wide Yom Hazikaron observance and Yom Ha'atzmaut celebration, and to Debbie & Carmi Abramowitz for their many years of leading the program.
  • To the many Keter Torah families who are planning to go on the NORPAC Mission to Washington this Wednesday.
  • To all CSS members who are volunteering their time to protect our Shul this Shabbat.


Israel at 70 Lecture Series

  • This Shabbat at 6:10pm - Rabbi Steven Weil give part one of his lecture on "The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann, its Drastic Ramifications and Impact on Israeli Society and the Future of the Jewish State." Rabbi Weil will continue the lecture at Seuda Shlishit.
  • Shabbat, April 28 at 6:20pm  - Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Founder and Rosh HaYeshiva of Ohr Torah Institute
  • Shabbat, May 12 at 6:35pm - Jerry Silverman, Keter Torah member and President and Chief Executive Officer of The Jewish Federations of North America


Keter Torah News

  • The community-wide Amudim Awareness Event, focusing on the existence and prevention of, and responses to, alcohol and substance abuse, will take place this Sunday, April 22, at 8:00pm at TABC. This event is co-sponsored by Keter Torah.
  • Joseph Rotenberg, Keter Torah member and author of the book, "Timeless Travels," called a "must read" by Huff Post, will speak and autograph copies of his book at the Teaneck Library on Tuesday, April 24, at 7:00pm. For more information on the book, visit
  • Anyone interested in a 5:25am minyan this Wednesday (NORPAC), please e-mail
  • There will be a CSS Security training course, given locally, on the evenings of April 26 and April 29. If you are interested in learning more, and joining the Keter Torah security team, please contact, or anyone from the security team.
  • On Sunday, May 6, Joy & Barry Sklar will be honored at the NCSY Bergen County Scholarship Breakfast. For information, visit
  • Jonathan Paul has created a new program for Sharsheret, which will provide care packages for patients at Holy Name Medical Center. For details and to contribute, visit


ATARA News   

Presidium: Yael Rudolph ( & Arlene Shiner (

  • ATARA would like to thank Chana Schorr for her years of service coordinating siddurim and chumashim donations. Wendy Shindler will now be taking over the responsibility; to donate e-mail



Youth Leader Spotlight - Adara Stein

  • Adara joined the Keter Torah staff two years ago and currently works in our Nursery group. Adara can always be found greeting the children as they walk through the door, and sitting on the floor interacting with them. Her favorite part of working at Keter Torah is playing with the kids and seeing them around town, out of Shul. Adara is currently an 8th grader at Yavneh Academy. In her free time, she likes playing volleyball, tutoring, art and hanging out with friends.


A Note from Ilana Glickman and Family

  • Thank you seems inadequate in acknowledging the comfort we received from the Keter Torah community during our recent bereavement for Tony (HaRav Ozer Yeshaya HaKohen). The visits, calls, notes, and meals extended to us are all deeply appreciated. Our sincerest gratitude for remembering us at this most difficult time.


Join Our Shiurim

  • Daf Yomi - Sunday at 7:15am; Monday through Friday at 6:30am
  • Sunday following the 8:00am minyan until 9:15am - Breakfast & Learn with Rabbi Baum
  • Sunday following the 8:00am minyan - Rabbi Weiss's Contemporary Halacha Series. This week's topic: "Abortion in Halacha - The Rambam and Rav Moshe"
  • Tuesday & Thursday  Torah in the AM 

9:05am - Chavura studying Sefer Bamidbar

9:45am - Studying Gemara Berachot, chapter 9

10:50am - Halakha and thought in Rambam's Mishneh Torah, with Rabbi Meier (Thursday only)

  • Tuesday at 11:00am - Rabbi Baum's weekly Tehillim shiur on "Timely Tehillim"
  • No Wednesday Tefilla shiur this week.
  • Wednesday at 10:30am - Yael Weil's Parshat Hashavua shiur
  • Thursday at 9:00pm - Mishmar for adults with chulent and kugel
  • Thursday at 9:00pm - Rabbi Frand's Parsha shiur
  • Daf a Week Project with Rabbi Baum - This week, studying Taanit Daf 8; to sign up, e-mail




Community News

  • Rabbi Meir Goldvicht will speak at Beth Aaron this Shabbat at 5:20pm.
  • Professor Michael (Avi) Helfand will speak at Bnai Yeshurun this Shabbat at 6:05pm.
  • Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter will speak at Rinat this Shabbat at 6:05pm.
  • A Teaneck NCSY Oneg for high school teens will take place this Shabbat at 6:30pm at 441 West Englewood Avenue, Teaneck.
  • The Project S.A.R.A.H. Breakfast will take place this Sunday, April 22, at 9:30am at Keter Torah. For information, visit
  • Refa'enu's peer-led mood disorder support group will meet on Tuesday, April 24, at 7:30pm at Ben Porat Yosef.
  • On Thursday, April 26, at 7:00pm at Lazy Bean Café, Teaneck NCSY will present a Latte and Learn.
  • For information on Lekdoshim, an international learning project with the goal of completing Shas l'ilui nishmat all soldiers and victims of terror, contact Michal Cohen at
  • For information on a November mother-daughter bat mitzvah trip to Israel, led by Rebbetzin Michal Zahtz, e-mail,


Thank You to Our Learning and Shiur Sponsors


Day of Learning

In memory of

Marvin Cohen

Marvin's wife, Chaya Yita bat Mordechai, Claire Cohen, z"l

Sheryl & Michael Katz

Michael's grandfather, Pincus Katz, z"l

Regina & Michael Koenig

Regina's father, Chaim Yehuda ben Mordechai, v'Chaya Devorah, Louis Mayers, z"l

Charles Kleiner & family

Charles's father Zev ben Yehoshua, William Kleiner, z"l

Gail & Binyamin Rieder

Binyamin's mother, Yirat Dena bat HaRav Michoel Dovid HaLevi, Dena Rieder, z"l

Nancy & David Siegel

Nancy's mother, Pesya bat Yitzchak Leib, Bess Levine, z"l

Erica & Jerry Silverman

Erica's mother, Chaya Mira bat Avraham Chaim, 

Hilda Brett, z"l

Alissa & Sammy Zagha

Sammy's father, Avraham ben Moshe, Abraham Zagha, z"l

Yom Ha'atzmaut Coffee and Pastries


Terry & Dennis Eisenberg

In memory of Dennis's mother, Pesel bat Baruch HaLevi,

Bessie Eisenberg, z"l

Jamie & Marc Srolovits

In honor of the birth of their daughter, Ariana Micol

Daf Yomi

In honor of

Coffee & pastries sponsored anonymously

The Daf Yomi Chaburah and the Keter Torah Chesed Committee

Matan Keter Torah

Al haPerek Chavurah

In memory of

Rabbi Meier Brueckheimer and family, and the chavurah participants

Helen Brueckheimer, z"l

Rabbi Weiss's Halacha Series

In honor of

Terry & Dennis Eisenberg

Terry & Dennis's children and grandchildren

Rabbi Baum's Tehillim Series

In memory of

Elana & Marc Rothenberg and

Rachel Feiner

Elana and Rachel's father, Azriel ben Yaacov Feiner, z"l

Rabbi Baum's Tefilla Shiur


Shiur, coffee and pastries by Lazy Bean Café


Yael Weil's Parshat Hashavua Shiur

In memory of

Shiur by Gail & Binyamin Rieder

Alisa Flatow, z"l, HY"D

Coffee by Susan & Daniel Turk

Susan's mother, Pesya bat Chaim Yehuda, Pearl Berger Melnick, z"l


Weekday Minyanim



6:40am, 8:00am & 9:00am

Monday & Thursday

5:50am, 7:15am & 8:10am

Tuesday, Wednesday &  Friday

6:00am, 7:15am & 8:10am


Mincha / Ma'ariv

Sunday through Thursday - 7:30pm


Please include in your tefilot IDF soldiers and KT members serving in the IDF:

Keren Agus, Michael Finkel, Shoshana Goldman, Naftali Lieber, Eli Putterman and Tzvi Silver.

Norman Stark, Chairman; Nahum Twersky, Honorary President
Binyamin Rieder, President (
Yossi Katz, Vice President

Howard Gruenspecht, Executive Director (

Parashot Tazria-Metzora               April 20 - 21, 2018 / 6 Iyar

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