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Rabbi Duvie Weiss gave his first shiur at Keter Torah, a post-Hashkama shiur, over 10 years ago. That was the first of hundreds of shiurim that he has given over the years.

Rabbi Weiss currently serves as the Associate Rabbi at Keter Torah, where his functions span the gamut of shul activities. In addition to leading the Hashkama Minyan, he gives a weekly halacha shiur every Sunday morning. This shiur is one of the most widely attended weekly shiur in the community. His approach is to engage the participants in his classes, and he often takes trips with the shiur participants to experience what they have learned. For example, last year, they visited a slaughterhouse after learning Hilchot Shechita; the year before, they visited a mikveh after learning the laws of Mikveh.

Rabbi Weiss served as the Rosh Yeshiva/Dean of the Yeshiva at IDT for over 12 years, where he guided hundreds of students to become bnei torah and pursue a myriad of different professional careers.

Rabbi Weiss received his smicha from RIETS, studying with Rabbi Michael Rosensweig and Rabbi Herschel Schachter. He learned in the Kollel Elyon at YU. Before entering the rabbinate/education world, he worked in accounting as a CPA and as a computer programmer for Fox News and Fox Sports.

The Weiss family is known as lively hosts to the community. The music and dancing in their home on Purim, Chanukah and Sukkot serve to inspire and add spirituality to the Yamim Tovim. In addition, Rabbi Weiss is known to many families as a spiritual and personal guide – someone they can speak to about their challenges and struggles, as his advice and guidance are both sensitive and enlightening. 

Rabbi Duvie Weiss - Associate Rabbi

Congregation Keter Torah