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Membership at Keter Torah

Dear Prospective Member:

Thank you for filling out this application. We are excited about the possibility of your family joining the Keter Torah community. The application will be reviewed by Rabbi Baum as soon as possible.

Please contact Rabbi Baum at rabbibaum@ketertorah.org with any questions, or feel free to contact the shul office with any needs you may have.


Annual Dues

$1,500 Family

     + $18 Eruv Assessment
     + $36 Mikveh Assessment 

$1,000 Thirty and Under Family

     + $18 Eruv Assessment

     + $36 Mikveh Assessment

$800 Single    

     + $18 Eruv Assessment
     + $36 Mikveh Assessment 

$360 Affiliate (Affiliate Dues are not prorated)

Prorating Schedule:
Join                                    Pay
January 1 to March 31        100%
April 1 to June 30                75%
July 1 to September 30        50%
October 1 to December 31    25%

Dues are billed on January 1 of each year.

No family will be turned away from Keter Torah for financial reasons. 
Please contact Rabbi Baum with any questions. 
Your request will be confidential.

Congregation Keter Torah